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Eefje de Visser – Nachtlicht

12.09.2017 News

This is the album that got me writing again after almost a year in the dark, the album that got me questioning again. What do we look for in an artist? In a collection of music? In a song? It varies for everybody; we are all different with different perceptions of the now and different threads of history tying us down by our opinions and tastes. I personally believe that the wider we listen the greater the opportunity to split from these threads and experience something honest and pure. You see, music in it's infinite permutations has an infinite capacity to nurture deep reactions within us at times when we least expect it to. Take me as an example, behind a desk, dealing with the ceaseless slab of customer service queries that my job required. I browse Youtube for some music to speed the day, click a video I like and get the system shuffling. 20 minutes later it happens. The sound, quite beyond any expectation shifts from ambience into focus, my work suffers. The superlatives resting on the edge of my fingers, base words that each in turn fail to express the moment. But one by one the windows opened. Each repetition a light that compelled me to comment. That compelled me to

react. They say art is merely a reflection of what we perceive, a mirror to our experiences. I'm a musician, sometimes reacting to music with music isn't satisfactory, sometimes you need your words. This was the video. These are my


Back before Britain wrenched itself in two and placed a leopard print stiletto firmly on the aspirations of a generation, I planned a blog series showing how culturally connected Europe is. I couldn't maintain it but did fire off one post before succumbing to the inanity of politics (which, conversely, also severely wounded my appetite to write). At the time I was so happy that I'd found a Dutch group with which to begin with. I knew nothing of Dutch popular music and it was (forgive my choice of words) 'novel' to finally discover one that I thought was cool. I was an idiot. I should have invested more time in researching the now instead of the past because as with all Europe, the Dutch scene is vital and thrusting. Eefje de Visser is part of it and as you can probably guess, I am a fan. What sets Eefje apart from the myriad of artists and songs I've loved between cooling my blog and now is her exceptional grasp of melody and form. It gripped me from the beginning. Nachtlicht (2015) is bathed in electronic textures, propulsive drums and modal tonality that dips into passive dischord at moments of such deep intensity that you're always kept fully aware as you slip into it's fragile beauty. Throughout, her seemingly subtle melodies belie a complexity not often heard away from traditional folk music. The playful nature of the melodic rhythms in a song like Scheef lash out at you like a lover, admonishing you for some sweet misdeed. An increase and decrease in percussive information tumbling like boulder on uneven ground. Skill further highlighted on Wakker which places the melody at the centre of the piece, dictating the languid guitar accompaniment and ever propelling the piece onwards. A powerful, refined work.


I've mentioned before how as a youth I gave little care to lyrics. It explains why I lived Limp Bizkit for so long. They were always secondary to the music and I never really understood bands who built their brand around the words that they spoke. While I grew out of that slightly arrogant phase, I still embraced the freedom presented by my move to Sweden; here was a land with a huge Swedish language scene that I could enjoy as music for the sake of it by dint of not understanding what anyone was saying. Now Swedish is my second language I lack that (terribly pointless) 'luxury'. But with Eefje, at least for now, I can separate her words from her music, enjoying each in it's own way. Devoid of understanding her words hold the melodic lilt of true poetry. Translated they provide snapshots of imagery detached from my experience. Combined, she gives me the most satisfying three dimensional listening experience. The warmth of harmony, the deceptive complexity, the veiled meanings. It was what I needed. It grabbed my threads of history and pulled them asunder. The blank screen wrenched from my view and the grandeur of the present presented in front of me. If this were a bigger blog, if I were a better known composer I'd attempt to sculpt this respect into music. I'd attempt a collaboration, I'd ask for files to remix, I'd express myself through my preferred method. But I'm not. I only have my words. Words that don't do it justice. This is an exceptional work from an incredible artist.

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