Harry Perry Original Works And Arrangements


  • Eefje de Visser – Nachtlicht
  • 12.09.2017 News
  • This is the album that got me writing again after almost a year in the dark, the album that got me questioning again. What do we look for in an artist? In a collection of music? In a song? It varies for everybody; we are all different with different perceptions of the now and different threads of history tying us down by our opinions and tastes. I personally believe that the wider we listen the greater the opportunity to split from these threads and experience something honest and pure. You see, music ...
  • David Bowie and Me - part 2. Where Are We Now?
  • 25.01.2013 News
  • 1.Outside. That's my favourite. It seems a bit odd after all these years of studying and discovering to settle on one of the most inaccessible albums he made. Thinking about it now, I really don't know what I particularly like about it. It's my favourite. I just know. Of course, housing my favourite song ever probably helps and it does has the most rewarding coda in 'Strangers When We Meet'. Still, weird choice man. Weird choice. But that's the magic with Bowie, you can't quantify your appreciation ...
  • Dreamtime ?/11/12
  • 10.01.2013 News
  • I've been lax with these. I've got so bad that I forgot when I had this one, only that it was in November before my birthday .                                    ?/11/12 Mum was chatting to a bus driver whilst I stood next to her in the rain. It was night and the streetlights gave the setting a sepia tint. She keeps chatting away ...
  • David Bowie and Me - part 1. A Short History
  • 10.01.2013 Article
  • In the months running up to my 16th birthday my best friend asked me what I fancied as a present. I think of it surprisingly often because it was, in it's innocuous way, to herald the beginning of my obsessive commitment to understand and embrace Music. It was the start of a path that lead, with its cumbersome, meandering gait, to this very moment. Sitting in my bed. Resolve like an ingot. Future mapped out. I chose Best of Bowie .  In my youth I was well versed (and sh*t scared) of ...
  • A year has past, I'm a little older, a little wiser.
  • 28.11.2012 News
  • In three hours 40 minutes I become 27. I like my birthday, I like getting older and I am fully aware that age is just a number (because at heart I'll always hover around the 14 year old mark). However, the past few years the run up to my birthday has filled me with a sense of dread and loss for what could have been. The past year so markedly slipping through my fingers. It's particularly bad this time because tomorrow I will wake up on my own, make my own breakfast, stare at the welcome but (let's be ...