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A year has past, I'm a little older, a little wiser.

28.11.2012 News

In three hours 40 minutes I become 27.

I like my birthday, I like getting older and I am fully aware that age is just a number (because at heart I'll always hover around the 14 year old mark). However, the past few years the run up to my birthday has filled me with a sense of dread and loss for what could have been. The past year so markedly slipping through my fingers. It's particularly bad this time because tomorrow I will wake up on my own, make my own breakfast, stare at the welcome but (let's be honest) artificial messages on my facebook wall and haul myself to work. Nothing will really hit me as being special, the day will be like any other, drab.

My mother's birthday is exactly 2 weeks before mine and most years she goes on (and on, and on,  my siblings will confirm this) about how much she hates her birthday. She'll link the most random ailment/bad luck/affectionate mockery to the 14th and moan about how it's been like this every year since she was young. As if the day was created purely to piss her off. November 14th, Kardashian day. I worry I may have inherited this mentality.

I'm an idiot. All that is wrong this year is that I am apart from my most awesome girlfriend. Bringing into focus how I am in the same room as before, doing the same meaningless internet rubbish. But this is such a stupid thought that I'm utterly ashamed to commit it to print; I have an EP that's almost complete, plans for an album, scores published online and work a much, much more satisfying job.

She's pretty cool, ja?

It's all up from here! This next year will be my year! I've always loved odd ages (17 was good, 21 mega fun and when I was 25 I met Wes) so let's see what happens.

I'm just lonely tonight.

A little like Mr Tea. But that's a story for another time.


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