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Dreamtime ?/11/12

10.01.2013 News

I've been lax with these. I've got so bad that I forgot when I had this one, only that it was in November before my birthday.


Mum was chatting to a bus driver whilst I stood next to her in the rain. It was night and the streetlights gave the setting a sepia tint. She keeps chatting away and I get fed up standing there in the cold so walk off without a good-bye. I head into this movie theatre nearby and remember it having pews along one wall and archways between the rooms. Whilst wandering around the building (still cold and upset) I come across a very small magician.

I'm in Hamleys' ground floor and I'm demanding a square name badge because we're about to open. Phil isn't around and I start to panic because everyone else has theirs so I go to tidy the newspapers. I notice that the newspapers are fake and all the headlines are written about Derrick and Dominic. The shop opens and I go to do meet and greet only for a woman to get extremely excited about the Derrick papers. You arrive and we're all of a sudden in a massive group shower room within Hamleys, which is now your house. I hear Tilla walking around and before I can do anything she appears, waves at me then disappears through a door. I am not wearing any clothes so cover my modesty because you're wearing my dressing gown.

We go to dinner and are now in Uppsala sitting in a large open plan restaurant in the middle of a city square. It's outside and there are small trees placed between the chairs. After 5 minutes we're told that the restaurant is closing for those on big tables so we move to a considerably smaller one next door (though not before I argue with a waiter about David's water). All of the waiting staff are English so I get hopeful about maybe moving there.
The camera then pans from the three of us to an overhead shot of a building nearby, the camera repeatedly zooming in and out on it. The narrator then explains that this is the V&A museum with its brand new swimming pool built for the Olympics. We cut to an interview with the architect who's in a wheelchair, he says getting up hundreds of stairs can be tricky.

And that's when I wake up.

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