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David Bowie and Me - part 2. Where Are We Now?

25.01.2013 News

1.Outside. That's my favourite. It seems a bit odd after all these years of studying and discovering to settle on one of the most inaccessible albums he made. Thinking about it now, I really don't know what I particularly like about it. It's my favourite. I just know. Of course, housing my favourite song ever probably helps and it does has the most rewarding coda in 'Strangers When We Meet'. Still, weird choice man. Weird choice. But that's the magic with Bowie, you can't quantify your appreciation ...

Dreamtime ?/11/12

10.01.2013 News

I've been lax with these. I've got so bad that I forgot when I had this one, only that it was in November before my birthday .                                    ?/11/12 Mum was chatting to a bus driver whilst I stood next to her in the rain. It was night and the streetlights gave the setting a sepia tint. She keeps chatting away ...

David Bowie and Me - part 1. A Short History

10.01.2013 Article

In the months running up to my 16th birthday my best friend asked me what I fancied as a present. I think of it surprisingly often because it was, in it's innocuous way, to herald the beginning of my obsessive commitment to understand and embrace Music. It was the start of a path that lead, with its cumbersome, meandering gait, to this very moment. Sitting in my bed. Resolve like an ingot. Future mapped out. I chose Best of Bowie .  In my youth I was well versed (and sh*t scared) of ...

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